Dwayne Ragin Photography

I got into photography around 2008, when the company I worked for, as a computer repair technician, started liquidating their assets due to they were going out of business. It was at that time I purchased my first Canon DSLR camera. I soon found out the pleasure I got from visiting some local areas and taking a few photographs, then rushing home to see what I captured. I found there was a lot to know about getting a great picture and from that point and still today, it’s a constant learning effort to hone the craft. I’ve decided to share with you some of my earlier works through past years as I now want to take this hobby towards a new direction. So browse around my galleries and visit often to follow me as I grow more into capturing photographs with a story behind them. Also follow me on Instagram, @dwayneraginphotography, as I usually post images from that days adventure.

Thanks, Dwayne Ragin